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Very Old and Very New Games

Akalabeth - California Pacific (Castle version disk; Progame)
Dungeons of Despair (Wizardry 1 demo)
Compuadd Adventure Pak - Ultima I/Moebius/Autoduel (slipcase)

Ultima I - Vitesse (Apple II GS version)
Ultima III - Origin (Crazy Irving release)

Ultima VII - Manaccom (Australian budget release, UK version)
Ultima VII Serpent Isle - Origin (UK edition)
Ultima VII Complete - Origin (install guide from US release, in Serpent Isle box with narrow slipcover, UK Full Release)

Ultima Online Game Time Card (other than Blackthorn or original)
Ultima Online: Second Age Upgrade Edition (no box, CD say Upgrade Edition)
Ultima Online: Second Age Discovery Edition (Australia)
Ultima Online: Renaissance (UK version)
Ultima Online: Third Dawn Upgrade Edition (cloth map but no box)
Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy Backup CD Set
Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn Backup DVD
Ultima: Runes of Virtue II (Gameboy)
Ultima Trilogy (I-III) - Origin (UK slipcase)
Ultima Underworld - Origin (Japanese Playstation)
2400 AD - Origin (UK version, US disks only)
Wizmaker - Ron Richards (Wizardry Character Editor) (manual only)

Wizmaster - Nichols Services (Wizardry Character Editor)

Wizinews newsletter (issue 2-3)
Dungeon Campaign/Wilderness Campaign - Synergistic (folder; individual games)

Rogue - Artificial Intelligence Design Systems

Temple of Apshai - Algray (UK version for Colour Genie and TRS-80)
Upper Reaches of Apshai - Algray (UK version for Colour Genie and TRS-80)
Hellfire Warrior - Algray (UK version for Colour Genie and TRS-80)
Keys of Acheron - Algray (UK version for Colour Genie and TRS-80)
Sorcerer of Siva - Algray (UK version for Colour Genie and TRS-80)

Infocom Games (folio and grey box versions)

Commodore bilingual clamshell (Zork III)
Commodore bilingual (Starcross)
DEC Rainbow releases (Zork I, II, III, Starcross, Suspended (map and tokens))
Dysan releases (Enchanter, Zork II) box only (Planetfall, Infidel, Deadline, Witness, Zork I, III)
Zork (PDP-11, UK cassette)

Enchanter (PC-98)
Invisiclues (ZUG Zork I guy on cover, ZUG Zork II, III maps, Zork I,
ZUG Zork I map that just says Zork (no I)), some Witts' Notes (also Time Zone, Cranston Manor)
Regular Invisiclues - Suspended (does not have a map), Suspect, A Mind Forever Voyaging, Spellbreaker map, Ballyhoo, Trinity, Zork Trilogy
New Zork Times: 1.1, 2.inf, 3.1 (incl. coupon), any envelopes

Level 9

Instruction Posters: Snowball, Dungeon Adventure?, Adventure Quest?

Adventure International

Adventure #0: Special Sampler (Baggie)
Adventure #2: Pirate Adventure (Baggie)
Adventure #2 (manual), 5 (inlay) (Creative Computing Software tapes)
Adventure #1-3 (Creative Computing Software minus disk)
Adventure #4-6 Value Pack #2 (Baggie)

Adventure #1-9/#1-12 - TRS-80 Model 2, 8" disk

Adventure #1,2 (PET)
Adventure Pak for C16 - Cartridge Triple Pack (Strange Odyssey, Atomic Mission, Pirate Adventure) (US version)
Adventure Series #1-12 (Styrofoam CP/M, Starsoft, TDC Distributors inc. hint book)

Adventure Series #1-12 Hint Book

Questprobe: Spiderman (white and red manual for Apple II(?))

Interactive Fiction #1: Six Micro Stories (box and manual)
Interactive Fiction #4: His Majesty's Ship "Impetous"
Interactive Fiction #5: Dragons of Hong Kong (box and manual)
Interactive Fiction Tri-Pack #1-3 - TRS80 Model 2, 8" disk
Interactive Fiction Quad Pack #1-4 - TRS80 Model 2, 8" disk

Interactive Fiction Quad-Pack #2-5 - TRS80 Model 1/3
Interactive Fiction Duo-Pack #4-5 - Apple II
Maces & Magic #1: Balrog (clamshell?)
Maces & Magic #3: Morton's Fork (Clamshell?)
Other Venture #1: Classic Adventure (baggy)

Other Venture #2: Curse of Crowley Manor (rainbow box)
Other Venture #4: Earthquake San Francisco 1906 (UK wallet)
Kid Venture #1: Little Red Riding Hood (baggy version, NEC-TREK version)

Kid Venture #2: Twas the Night Before Christmas
Kid Venture #3: Old McDonald's Farm (NEC-TREK version)
Kid Venture Tri-Pack #1-3
Hidden Valley
Sledge of Rahmul & Merlin's Treasure
Vaults of Cymarron

Mysterious Adventures

Adventure #1: The Golden Baton (Channel 8 Atari styrofoam)
Adventure #2: Arrow of Death Part 1 (Acorn)
Adventure #3: Arrow of Death Part 2 (Blue Digital Fantasia, Acorn - disk only, Channel 8 Atari styrofoam)
Adventure #4: The Time Machine (Channel 8 Atari styrofoam)
Adventure #5: Circus (Channel 8 Atari styrofoam)
Adventure #6: Escape from Pulsar 7 (Channel 8 Atari styrofoam)
Adventure #7: Feasibility Experiment (Channel 8 Atari styrofoam)
Adventure #9: Perseus and Andromeda (Blue Digital Fantasia)
Paxman Promotions with hint sheet tear away: Ten Little Indians, Wizard Akyrz, Golden Baton
Any Molimerx/Molymerx - (Escape from Pulsar) at least 1-7 and disk with 1-X.
Any Comm Data

Very hard-to-find Games

Abyssal Zone, The - Salty Software
Adventure Quest - Keypunch

Alice in Videoland - Artworx (boxed)

Apple Adventure! - Apple (no copyright on manual cover)

Archon - Ariolasoft (White Amiga version)
Asylum - Screenplay (IBM vinyl folder)

Aztec (Adventure) - Datasoft (Atari version - white card manual)
Beneath the Pyramids - Crystalware (blue/white cover)
Black Forest, The - SubLogic

Cave Maze: A First Adventure - Coombe Valley
Cave of Time - Bantam

Caves of Annod - Comm Data
Chalice of Mostania - Coastal Software

Colonel's House (Vic-20)
Cranston Manor - Sierraventure
Creepers - Silicon Valley Systems

Crypt, The - Crystalware, Crystal Vision

Cyberworld - Progressive Peripherals & Software
Dark Crystal - Sierra On-Line (boxed version)

Death Dreadnaught - The Programmer's Guild
Desecration, The - Mind Games

Destiny - Creative Software
Domes of Kilgari, The - The Programmer's Guild
Dungeon Revealed, The - John Raymonds (for Mac)
Dungeons of Ba - Accelerated Software
Elfhelm's Bane - Sharedata
Elysian Fields - American Eagle
Environoid - John Sands Sega
Escape - Bantam

Escape to Freedom - ECP
Forbidden City - Fantastic Software
Fraktured Faebles - American Eagle (box only)
Futuria - Unicorn

Gates of Delirium - Diecom (TRS-80)
Gelfling Adventure - Sierra On-Line (Britannica version)

Gem of Zephyrr

Glamis Castle - Crystalware (manual only)
Goblins - Highlands Computer Services

Gruds in Space - Sirius
Gunslinger - Datasoft (UK disk)

Gwendolyn - Advantage
Haunted House - American Software Design (graphical cover)

Haunted Palace, The - Crystalware (disk only)
Heroic Quest - John Sands Sega
House of Usher - Crystalware (Gold Star Edition - Werewolf cover)

I, Damiano - Firebird
Island Prison - Softsmith
Institute, The - Melbourne House (TRS-80 version)

Jetsons, The - Microillusions
Journey to Mount Doom - Tom Mix Software

Kukulcan - American Eagle
Labyrinth - Med Systems Software (TRS-80 version, artwork on cover)

Lair, The - Soft Toys (Vic-20)
Lair of the Dragon - Misosys
Lucifer's Realm - Med Systems Software

M.U.L.E. - (IBM PC version)

Mad Venture - Micro Lab

Might and Magic: The Lava Pits of Aznar (Sanctum Software)

Mission: Asteroid - Sierra On-Line (Thunder Mountain, US Gold manual)

Murder on the Mississippi - Activision (UK clamshell)
Mystery House - Blue On-line 1st Release/White On-Line

Nuclear Meltdown - Vextrom Software

Odyssey in Time - Krell Software

Oldorf's Revenge - Highlands Computer Services (Red manual version)

Orbquest: The Search for Seven Wards - Qware (for Mac)

Phalsberg - Ere Informatique

Pride and Prejudice - Baen

Prisoner 2 - Peachtree

Quest - Cosma (Vic-20)
Quest for the Holy Grail - Superior

Reasoning with Trolls - Coombe Valley
Rebel Planet - Adventuresoft (disk version)
Rings of Zilfin - ECP
Roadwar 2000 - ECP
Sam Starr and the Spirit of Glennmore Castle - On Target
Secret Agent: Mission One - Jor-And

Secret of Easter Island - Three Sigma
Secrets of Bharas, The - Victory Software
Severed Heads - Sir Rah Software (for Amiga)
Shards of Time and Blackscar Mountain - Titan Games (for Atari ST)

Snooper Troops 1 & 2 - Spinnaker (boxed versions)
Softporn Adventure (Sierra blue cover, Blue Sky Software disk only, 2nd release that mentions Chris Iden on cover)

Spaceship to Nowhere
Sword Thrust 1: King's Testing Ground - Old Cover/Softsmith (box only)

Sword Thrust 2: The Vampyre Caves - Old Cover/Softsmith (box only)
Sword Thrust 3: Kidnapper's Cove - Old Cover/Softsmith (box only)
Sword Thrust 4: The Case of the Sultan's Pearl - Old Cover/Softsmith (box only)
Sword Thrust 5: The Green Plague - Old Cover/Softsmith (box only)

Sword Thrust 6: The Eternal Curse - Old Cover

Sword Thrust 3-pack - Main Street Publishing

Tarturian - Highlands Computer Services (cover sheet only)
Three Musketeers, The - Computer Novels

Timeship - Five Star Software

Transylvania - Penguin (1982 boxed version)
Underworld of Kyn - OziSoft
Warriors of Ras - (Wylde, Ziggurat) - Screenplay (Alternate boxes no image on back)

Wizard and the Princess - Sierra (Thunder Mountain, Sierraventure hint card only)

Wizard's Revenge - Rainbow Software (for TI-99/4A disk only)
Wizard War - Baen

World of Doom - Symbiotech

World of Doom Characters - Symbiotech

World of Doom Scenario #3: Dragon Slayers - Symbiotech

UK Cassette Games

2003: A Space Oddity - DK'Tronics
Adventure II (Zodiac) - A&F (tape only)
Adventure 200 - Foilkade
Adventure D - Artic Computing (B & W cover with red writing)
Adventure One - CP Software? (for ZX81)

Adventures of Eric Bean: The Lost Gnomes
Afghan Attack - Southern Software
Amulet, The - Sentient

Astrocade - Data Design Systems
Atom Adventures (Adventure, Dungeon, House, Intergalactic) - Acornsoft

Barrowquest - CCS
Beatle Quest - Number 9 Software
Black Tower, The - Dollarsoft
Bog of Brit

Bored of the Rings (Delta 4 (except manual), CRL, disk version)
Bounty Hunter, The - River Software
Bugsy - CRL (disk version non-budget)
Calixto Island - Dragon Data (large unboxed versions)
Castle Dracula - Duckworth

Castle of Doom - Paramount Software

Castle Thade - S.A.E.C.
Cells & Serpents - ASP (all black backround cover)
Country Quest - Wye Valley Software
Crown of Ramhotep and Prospector, The - Tartan

Crystal Cavern - Handasoft
Crystals of Carus - Interceptor (disk version)
Cursed Chambers & Zrim - Kuma
Custerd's Quest - Alpha-Omega
Dark Gladiator - FSF
Demon Knight - Forward Software

Diamond Trail - Gilsoft (old cover)
Double Agent - Tartan

Dragon Slayer - Pocket Money Software
Druids Moon - Alternative
Ellisnore Diamond, The

Energem Enigma, The - Precision Games
Fairground Fantasy - Abrasco
Frankie Crashed on Jupiter
Fugitives Quest - Robico
Games Without Frontiers - 8th Day
Ghoul Manor - Britannia
Ghoulies - IMS Software
Go West Young Man - Stocksoft
Golden Cobra - CCS
Grabbed by the Ghoulies! - FSF

Hammer of Grimmold and Mutant - River
Harvesting Moon, A - 8th Day
Hobble Hunter, The - Compass
Homocide Hotel - Wallsoft
Hummer House of Horror - Lasersound
Imagination Unlimited

Inheritance: Panic in Las Vegas - Infogrames (disk version)
Island Adventure - Apex (for Dragon 32)
Island of Artuan - Kuma
Island, The - Duckworth
Island of Xaan - Robico
Jade Necklace, The and Lifeboat - River
Jade Stone, The - Marlin Games

John Sands Sega Adventures (Alien, Ninja)
Jolly Jack's Run Ashore - Harboursoft
Journey, The - Temptation
Key to Time, The - Lumpsoft
Krago Castle - Assassin
Labours of Hercules, The

London Adventure - Fridaysoft
Lost Island - JRS Software (for ZX81)
Lost Kingdom of Zkul, The/West - Talent Computer Systems (2-pack)

Mad Martha II - Mikro-gen (rainbow background cover)
Madcap Manor - Gilsoft
Malice in Wonderland - Lumpsoft
Mania - Intrigue (for TI-99/4A) - white cover
Mansion - Central Solutions (for Amstrad)
Middle Kingdom - Dragon Data
Mines of Saturn and Return to Earth - Mikro-Gen (ZX81 Blue Cover, Oric Green Cover, Vic-20 Purple Cover)

Mission Moonbase - Phoenix
Monsters & Magic - Prickly Pear (TRS-80)
Mountain Palace Adventure - Duckworth

Murder off Miami - CRL (disk version)
Mystery of the Lost Sheep, The - Central Computing
Mystery Island - Mountain Valley Software
Mystery Mansion - Sharp (for MZ700)
Nemesis - Alchemist (Sinclair QL beige/light blue cover)
Never Trust a Blond
North Sea Bullion Adventure - Kuma
Nuclearwar games - Severn Software
Odyssey, The - Duckworth
Operation Turtle - Pocket Money Software
Orc Slayer - Gamma Software
Phineas Frogg - Mirrorsoft
Plague Planet - Alpine Software (Archimedes)
Psycho II: The Adventure - LA Software


Quest for the Holy Joystick - Delta4
Quest for the Poorly Snail - Futuresoft
Raven, The - 8th Day
Realm of Darkness and Matchmaker - River

Rescue - CRL (Oric version with alternate cover)
Return of the Holy Joystick, The - Delta4
Revenge of the Space Pirates - FSF

Rifts of Time - Pocket Money Software
Rise in Crime - Robico
Robin of Sherlock - CRL/Delta4
Rogue Comet - Walrus Computing
Run, Bronwynn, Run! - FSF

Runemagic Series Adventure One: The Secret River - Triffid Software Research

Sadim Castle - MP Software
Santa's Workshop 2 - Triant
Scoop - Sentient Software
Secret Valley - Newsoft
Security Shelter - Custom Cables
Shard of Inovar/Venom/Kobyashi Naru Plus 3 Adventures
Skelvullyn Twine - 8th Day
Space Adventure - Virgin

Staff of Zaranol, The - CCS
Sword of Vhor, The - Duckworth
Tevrog's Kingdom II and Quest for Power - Cable Software (Oric, manual only)

Time Search - Duckworth

Time Traveller - Audiogenic
To Boldly Go - Blaby
Token of Ghall - Interceptor (disk version, small cassette case)
Tombs of Karnak - Sharp (MZ-700 with screenshot on cover)
Treasure - David Edgar
Trident, The - Sinclair
Usurper - Assassin Software
Velnor's Lair - Neptune Computing
Very Big Cave Adventure, The - CRL (disk version)
Volcanic Dungeon - Master Vision (large wallet case)

Warlord of Doom - Visions

White Barrows, The - Argus Press Software (graphic on cover)

Wizardry - The Edge (disk version)
Zenobi - most games
Zolan - Softek
Zombies/Sword of Peace - Artic Computing (gray inlay)

Other Games

3 Skulls of the Toltecs - Revistronic
Adventures Through Time Vol. 1: The Scavenger Hunt - Aurum
Alien Drug Lords: The Chyropian Connection - Panther Games
Ambermoon - Thalion
Ancients - Epic Megagames
B.A.T. 2: Koshan Conspiracy
Beyond Shadowgate - TurboGrafx CD
Chaos in Andromeda - On-Line Entertainment
Codewriter: The Casebook of Hemlock Soames #1
Codewriter: The Casebook of Hemlock Soames #2
Codewriter: Star Voyage Series #3
Codewriter: Star Voyage Series #4
Codewriter: Thriller Series 2: Frankenstein's Legacy, Shipwrecked, The Son of Ali Baba
Codewriter: Time's Wrath
Codewriter: Trilogy of Time: Place of Safety, History's Twist, Treasures of the Pirate King
Crime City (UK)
Crystals of Arborea - Silmarils
Daughter of Serpents - (Kixx, US version, The Scroll US/UK versions)

Deja Vu I & II - Mindscape

Dig, The (Novel only)
Disciples of Steel
Dragonflight - Thalion
Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists 'n' Everythin - EDOS

Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus (UK version)
Fate: Gates of Dawn - Reline
Guardians of Infinity: To Save Kennedy - Paragon
Hard Nova - Electronic Arts (UK version)
Ishar 3: Seven Gates of Infinity - Readysoft
Ishar Trilogy - Silmarils (alternate box)

Kronolog: The Nazi Paradox - Merit Software
Legacy of the Ancients (ECP wallet version)
Legacy: Realm of Terror - Microprose (UK version)
Legend of Djel - Monkey Business
Lords of Time - Hollyware (for Amiga)
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, The - Electronic Arts (UK version, Limited Edition lithograph)
Lost in Time - Coktel Vision (Part 1)
Manhole, The - Cyan (disk version, pre-Cyan Prolog release, enhanced CD Activision)

Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle - Lucasfilm (Triangle Box)
Maupiti Island - Lankhor
Maya - Silmarils
Mortville Manor - Lankhor (boxed slipcase version)
Murders in Venice

Obitus - Psygnosis (squat box inc T-shirt, purple manual square box)

Pay Off - Big Nose Software

Personal Nightmare - Horrorsoft (US version)
Realm of the Warlock - Incognito
Realms of Arkania 2: Star Trail Speech Pack
Rise of the Dragon - Kixx
Secret of Monkey Island 2 - Lucasfilm (US version)
Sheer Agony - Logitron
Space Adventure - Load 'N' Go

Spaceship Warlock - Reactor (boxed US, UK)
Techno Plus AmiRAM 1000 (with Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back!)
Time Paradox - Flair
Total Eclipse (Kixx)


Abandoned Places - Electronic Zoo (novella and map only)
Adventure #1-12 - Scott Adams Gold - (SI2 sheet)
Bard's Tale II - ECP (map)
Castles of Darkness - Logical Choice (disk only)

Colossal Adventure (Boxed, with advertisement on back, box only)

Crown of Arthain - Micro Fun (outer folder)

Darklands - Microprose (manual for clue book bonus disk)
Dungeon of Death - Instant Software (outer box only)
Fantasy Gamer - Martin Consulting (tape only, for Coleco ADAM)
Fighting Fantasy Gamebox - #13-16 - iron-on only
Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist - Sierra (SierraOriginals with 1st style box cover)
Indiana Jones in Revenge of the Ancients - Mindscape (box only)
Masquerade - Phoenix (contest form only)
Might and Magic I - New World Computing (Completion certificate)

Might and Magic II - New World Computing (Completion certificate)

OrbQuest - Alternate World Simulations (CP/M disk only)
Oubliette - Hesware (manual only)
Police Quest 2 - Sierra (manual - from Value Pack)
Prisoner, The - Edu-ware (yellow cover, disk only)

Quarterstaff Pre-Infocom Release (Simulated Environment Systems, disk only)

Solid Gold 3 Mega Hits - Infocom (slipcase only, for LGOP, HHGTG and Zork I)
Sorcellerie II: Le Chevalier de Diamant (French Wizardry II, disks only)

Space Quest II - Sierra (manual (from 3-pack), disks (from Space Quest Saga))
Space Quest III - Sierra (disks only, from Space Quest Saga)
Ultima Savage Empire - Origin (special edition T-shirt only)