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Here are some links to other web sites which you may be interested in, having similar and often complementary information to what you may find here. If you would like to be added to this links page, please ask and we would appreciate if you'd link to this site on your page as well (if you have one).

A nifty little shrine to Epyx
Decklin's Domain, author of the Mordor RPG series
The official homepage of Sword of Fargoal
A video game museum with plenty of screenshots and many systems
Everything you ever wanted to know about Fighting Fantasy
Newer Fighting Fantasy site
A nice gamebook collection, comparable in size to my own
A cool site with lots of info about old games and obscure companies, but few pictures ;(
Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe - lots of old games for sale and trade
Another neat computer game museum with screenshots and some cover scans
The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers - need I say more?
A huge database interface to almost every Commodore 64 game and lots of SID music
Magnetic Scrolls Fan Site
Computer Gaming World Museum
Fantasy Adventures: adventure/RPG game museum
Adventure Point
Interactive Fiction by Randy Cook, author of Castle Darkholm