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The majority of items in the museum have been acquired through purchases over the years, either in bulk lots or individually. However a number of items have also been received as donations, and some particularly items have been acquired with the help of others. This section is to honor those 'friends of the museum' who have contributed in some way or another to making it what it is today. If I have forgotten someone, my apologies, please contact me and I'll add them!

Dirk Adam  
Matthew KozakBurnside, KYA large batch of RPGs, Questbusters issues, and other miscellaneous paraphernalia
Joshua Janowiak  
Dietmar Uschkoreit  
Frank Hollander MM1 Certificate, King's Bounty poster
Benjamin Svoboda  
Julie ChristieStirling, UKTwo comtemporary ZX Spectrum history books
E. William Detcher IV  
Rick Tsai  
Reynaldo Reyestan  
Tak Chung Lung  
Jorge RodriguezMiramar, FLSecret Agent Adventure, Skarn's Keep
Janos David OmmertAsslar, GermanyDie dunkle Dimension
Brian DobberpuhlLos Angeles, CASierra News Magazines, Police Quest 2 hint book, some Questbusters material
Richard WhitwellVallejo, CAMordor for Windows and its two sequels
Roland Radaelli  
Nathan SchwartzmanCooperstown, NYA large set of more recent adventures including: Under a Killing Moon, Bioforge, Gabriel Knight 3 and over a dozen more  
Gennaro Picardi  
Richard A. BartleColchester, UKFor donating the entire Red Herring newletter series
David WillisonVermont, AustraliaFor donating Castle of Mydor and ECP Crush, Crumble and Chomp!
John "Balrog" WilsonLancashire, UKA very large set of instruction sheets and hint sheets for the Zenobi Adventures
Richard GarriottAustin, TXDisk and original disk label for his Computerland Akalabeth
Chuck BentonBrunswick, MEManual for the Blue Sky Software release of his game, Softporn Adventure
Walt Donovan Manual for his game, Orbquest
Dave Adams A generous contribution of a large quantity of games, mostly Sierra 3D adventures
Dan ChisarickNorristown, PAHandbook of Horrors, Book I and II, Bioware gallery, plus assistance in acquiring countless other items
Anonymous Beneath Apple Manor (original release)

Manuel Schulz and Stefan MeierGermanyFor generously providing hosting for the site
Stephane RacleCold Lake, ABFor providing countless rare games, as well as information on them
Jukka EronenHanko, FinlandFor advice and art used on the website, including the logo
Jerry KurtzColombus, OHFor providing Gothmog's Lair
Leo LaFlammeVancouver, BCFor providing the legendary Mt. Drash at a 'reasonable' price
John LiskaStamford, CTFor providing numerous rare games at reasonable prices, including Softporn Adventure and some of the Dakin-5 games
Dirk BackenkohlerStuttgart, GermanyFor providing the exceedingly rare Classic Adventure Other Venture (Adventure International)
C.E. FormanPeoria, ILProprietor of Ye Olde Infocom Shoppe, and supplier of countless items at decent prices