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Published by: Digital Equipment CorporationFor: DEC RainbowLinks: L M C 
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planetfall-dec planetfall-dec-back planetfallfolio planetfallfolio-back planetfallfolio-inside1 planetfallfolio-inside2 planetfallfolio-manual PDFplanetfallfolio-letter PDFplanetfall-postcard1 PDFplanetfall-postcard2 PDFplanetfall-postcard3 PDFplanetfall-card PDFdecinfocom-license-alt PDFplanetfallfolio-declicense-desc PDFplanetfallfolio-disk planetfallfolio-regcard PDF
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This is an ultra-rare DEC version of the game. Later on Digital produced their own packaging for Infocom games, similar to Dysan and Commodore, but apparently initially they used the same folio packaging. Note the extra warranty and license documents included, and the fancy disk label though.
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