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Wizardry (OziSoft) (C64)
WizardryRecently changed/added

Miscellaneous Computer Games

Wizardry (OziSoft) (C64)
WizardryRecently changed/added
Guild PD Adventure Pack, The (Gordon Inglis Games) (C64)
Guild PD Adventure Pack, TheRecently changed/added
H.R.H. (Gordon Inglis Games) (ZX Spectrum)
H.R.H.Recently changed/added
Dragonstar Trilogy, The (Gordon Inglis Games) (ZX Spectrum)
Dragonstar Trilogy, TheRecently changed/added
Weaver of Her Dreams, The (Gordon Inglis Games) (ZX Spectrum)
Weaver of Her Dreams, TheRecently changed/added
Extricator, The (Gordon Inglis Games) (ZX Spectrum)
Extricator, TheRecently changed/added
Castle Adventure (Gordon Inglis Games) (ZX Spectrum)
Castle AdventureRecently changed/added
In Search of Angels (Gordon Inglis Games) (ZX Spectrum)
In Search of AngelsRecently changed/added

Sierra On-Line

Lost in Time Part 2 (Coktel Vision) (IBM PC)
Lost in Time Part 2Recently changed/added


Golden Sword of Bhakhor, The (ZX Spectrum) (Contains Hint Sheet)
Golden Sword of Bhakhor, TheRecently changed/added
Murder Hunt (Moonchild Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Murder HuntRecently changed/added
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