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Published by: InfogramesFor: Atari STLinks: A L M C 
Cij2018-08-11 06:58:00
Yes these items are legit. We never opened the soup packet... freaky stuff. All the stuff seen in pics is what was in the game box. Still have it all including soup... maybe one day will open it and have a taste

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murdersinspace murdersinspace-back infogrames-box murdersinspace-manual PDFmurdersinspace-log PDFmurdersinspace-soup murdersinspace-soup-back murdersinspace-bottle murdersinspace-filter murdersinspace-pills murdersinspace-bug murdersinspace-thread murdersinspace-disk infogrames-regcard2 PDFgalaxycontact-ad PDF
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This is the sequel to Murders in Venice. The soup packet originally contained all the strange items: bottle, filter, pills, bug and thread.
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