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Miscellaneous Computer Games

Attack on Windscale (Phoenix Software) (C64) (missing panic packet envelope) (Contains Panic Packet)
Attack on Windscale
Death Mines of Sirus (Phoenix Software) (ZX Spectrum) (Contains Correspondence)
Death Mines of Sirus
Emperor must Die!, The (Phoenix Software) (Dragon32)
Emperor must Die!, The
Four Gates to Freedom (Phoenix Software) (Vic-20)
Four Gates to Freedom
Four Gates to Freedom (large case) (Phoenix Software) (Vic-20)
Four Gates to Freedom
Jokers Wild (Phoenix Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Jokers Wild
Jokers Wild (Phoenix Software) (ZX Spectrum) (Contains Panic Packet)
Jokers Wild
Mission Moonbase (Phoenix Software) (Dragon32)
Mission Moonbase
Quest for the Garden of Eden (Phoenix Software) (C64)
Quest for the Garden of Eden
Quest for the Garden of Eden (Phoenix Software) (C64)
Quest for the Garden of Eden
Sorcerer's Apprentice, The (Phoenix Software) (C64)
Sorcerer's Apprentice, The
Treasure Island (Phoenixx Software) (Camputers Lynx)
Treasure Island
Adventure in Time (Phoenix) (Apple II)
Adventure in Time
Adventure in Time (Alternate packaging) (Phoenix) (Atari 400/800) (missing Box?)
Adventure in Time
Birth of the Phoenix (Phoenix) (Atari 400/800)
Birth of the Phoenix
Birth of the Phoenix (Phoenix) (Apple II) (missing manual)
Birth of the Phoenix
Masquerade (Phoenix) (C64) (missing Contest Form)
Queen of Phobos (Phoenix) (Apple II)
Queen of Phobos
Sof-toon Adventure #1: Sherwood Forest (Phoenix) (Apple II) (Contains Witts' Notes)
Sof-toon Adventure #1: Sherwood Forest
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