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Published by: Rainbow SoftwareFor: TI-99/4A
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Bob Pellegrino, owner of Rainbow Software, recalls:

I also wrote three or four other TI99 games back then and was selling them all through a nationwide catalog company called Triton. It was very popular we sold quite a lot of them. I still have a bunch of these games stored away, the books, disks and cassette tape versions.
I also have one complete copy of Wizard's Dominion in the original packaging. I purchased that game back then at the behest of the owner of Triton to see what the competition was doing, he wanted me to compare my game to that before sending it to him to sell. When I called him back and told him my game blew it away, then he wanted me to send him a demo copy, and they loved it once they tried it.
I also wrote some Commodore games and sold them through Loadstar, and also as shareware on Quantum Link..
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  Cassette version

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