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Here is a game with an interesting twist. No longer are you the sword-wielding, muscle-bound hero, in this game, you get to be the bad guy! Probably the first game to explore such a role reversal concept, you must escape from your prison and defeat all the heroes sent out to thwart you. A refreshing change from the usual hack and slash. This is also arguably one of the most difficult (or unfair?) RPG games ever made. *SPOILER ALERT* - do not read any further if you have not completed the game. Ok, you have been warned. Now then, perhaps the neatest part of this game is how to win with the secret Grandmaster ending. It requires you to have the weakest monster in the game (a 'dink') in your party, the only one who can win you the final battle. Truly brilliant I think. Hooray for the little guy - and thus the morale, no matter how small we can all make a difference. Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?
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