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D.W.Daring2014-06-11 11:01:06
I actually wrote a Demon Venture #2, (Mystery of the Four Doors) but sadly the advent of color computers made this B&W game obsolete. As far as this game goes, it is a graphics intensive program with limited animation. A small character would travel along hallways and enter rooms to discover treasure and defeat monsters. Upon entry the room was drawn along with treasures and creatures. There was also limited sound. There were 26 commands such as throw axe, stab with sword, shoot arrow, throw spear, use mace, etc. against a variety of creatures: Bats, zombie, dragon, mimic, etc. There were also a variety of treasures: gold, healing potion, weapons, etc. There were up to 5 players (adventurers) allowed per adventure and each was allowed to purchase their own weapons of choice, had abilities, and were gifted random financing. This was a rather large program and was played by disk only. For multiple players you needed a data disk in drive :1 with the active game in drive :0 Only 900 games were sold, but I know for a fact many thousands were copied and passed around to friends. During my travels as a photographer I met many people who had played the game but told me they never purchased a copy. When I told them I was the author they were usually embarrassed, but I said I understood because the game was $29.95 and that was a lot of money in 1983.

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And early D&D-based game which was intended to start the Demon Venture series for Adventure International. However a second game in the series never materialized. It is also one of the only AI titles to feature cover art of truly professional quality.
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