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Published by: IntracorpFor: Apple IILinks: L M C 
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murderatlantic murderatlantic-back murderatlantic-front murderatlantic-box murderatlantic-manual PDFmurderatlantic-flight murderatlantic-letter PDFmurderatlantic-message murderatlantic-news murderatlantic-note murderatlantic-passengers murderatlantic-phone murderatlantic-plan murderatlantic-purserlog PDFmurderatlantic-radiolog PDFmurderatlantic-telegram murderatlantic-card1 murderatlantic-card2 murderatlantic-card3 murderatlantic-card4 murderatlantic-codes murderatlantic-button intracorp-license intracorp-license-back murderatlantic-disk murderatlantic-contest murderatlantic-regcard PDFintracorp-regcard PDFintracorp-orderform PDFintracorp-coupon
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A somewhat obscure murder mystery game. There are MANY small parts and papers to this one, so finding a complete copy is difficult. However this copy was received shrinkwrapped and so does contain all the pieces. They have also done a clever little gag with the box, taping a real magnifying glass to the inside of the box cover, so it magnifies the picture of a man inside the box. The publishers ran a contest given away thousands of dollars of their software (and some cash) to those who could solve the mystery and answer several specific questions about the crime. This was also published in Europe by Infogrames.
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