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Published by: Learning AdvantageFor: Apple IILinks: L M C 
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mightymicro-alicewonderland PDFmightymicro-alicewonderland-poster alicewonderland-manual PDFmightymicro-alicewonderland-refcard PDFalicewonderland-characters mightymicro-alicewonderland-disk mightymicro-alicewonderland-freddy-manual PDFmightymicro-alicewonderland-freddy-disk
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This is a relatively rare magazine released by the founder of MECC. Each issue contains puzzles and games for children, as well as two pieces of carefully chosen commercial educational software. These are the full games, not crippled demos, and the manuals appear to be identical to the normal commercial packages as well. Each issue includes a colorful poster for one of the games as well that did not come with the original game. I have not been able to find any information on this magazine and have no idea how many issues were released.
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