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Published by: CrystalwareFor: Atari 400/800Links: A L M C 
JimH2017-06-08 08:46:41
My brother-in-law bought an Atari 400 when they first came out, just so we could play Star Raiders. But when he purchased Fantasyland, we were both truly hooked. So many great memories! Sitting in a darkened room for weeks on end, our eyes wide with expectation as to what new surprises we would find, it really was an almost magical experience...we felt transported into a new world, even with the primitive graphics. In fact I even think that added to the experience as your mind could run free and imagine the world looking anyway you wanted it to. We did eventually beat it, though we did cheat a bit...we found there was a glitch in the program that when you were in a trading post, if you entered a large negative number into the transaction, it would actually credit your account with that ammount! Great times and memories that have never been replaced by any of the more sophisticated games that came later.

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The true culmination of Crystalware's adventure series, the piece de resistance. This massive game encompasses six complete fantasy worlds, spread across as many disk sides, and was probably a truly large game for its time, comparable to Sierra's Time Zone for example. The player must progress through each land in turn, gaining in experience and power, and upon conquering the sixth and final world, qualifies to win a real cash prize. It is not known if anyone actually claimed this prize.
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