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Published by: Sirius PublishingFor: IBM PCLinks: L M C 
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5ft10pak2 5ft10pak2-front 5ft10pak2-manual PDF5ft10pak2-2000fonts-cd 5ft10pak2-battlechess-cd 5ft10pak2-jumpstart-cd 5ft10pak2-karaoke-cd 5ft10pak2-medical-cd 5ft10pak2-movieselect-cd 5ft10pak2-rockrapnroll-cd 5ft10pak2-sherlock-cd 5ft10pak2-sq4-cd 5ft10pak2-warbirds-cd 5ft10pak2-regcard PDF
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This is another Shovelware compilation, which were popular soon after the advent of CD-ROM technology in the early 90s. They take a few decent but older commercial games, lump them together with a bunch of junk nobody wants, and then sell it at a 'bargain' price.
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