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Items For Sale

Retarded Creatures and Caverns (hint sheet only) (Zenobi Software) (ZX Spectrum) (Contains Hint Sheet)
Retarded Creatures and Caverns
Stroll in the Bleak Forest, A (Zenobi Software) (ZX Spectrum) (missing tape)
Stroll in the Bleak Forest, A


Caves of Doom (ZX Spectrum)
Caves of Doom
Journey's End (ZX Spectrum)
Journey's End
Kobyashi Naru (ZX Spectrum) (Cassette Version)
Kobyashi Naru
Magic Knight Trilogy (ZX Spectrum)
Magic Knight Trilogy
Master of Magic (ZX Spectrum) (Cassette Version)
Master of Magic
Play it Again Sam (ZX Spectrum)
Play it Again Sam
Quest for the Golden Egg Cup, The (ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC)
Quest for the Golden Egg Cup, The
Rigel's Revenge (ZX Spectrum)
Rigel's Revenge
Se-Kaa of Assiah (ZX Spectrum) (Cassette Version)
Se-Kaa of Assiah
Sinbad and the Golden Ship (ZX Spectrum)
Sinbad and the Golden Ship
Spellbound (ZX Spectrum)
Stormbringer (ZX Spectrum) (Cassette Version)
Zzzz (Alternate Cover) (ZX Spectrum) (Cassette Version)
Black Crystal (Mastervision) (ZX Spectrum) (cassette Version)
Black Crystal
Volcanic Dungeon (Mastervision) (ZX Spectrum)
Volcanic Dungeon
Heavy on the Magick (Rebound) (ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC)
Heavy on the Magick
Knightmare (Ricochet) (ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC)

Miscellaneous Computer Games

Calling, The (Adventure Workshop, The) (ZX Spectrum)
Calling, The
Dances with Bunny Rabbits (Adventure Workshop, The) (ZX Spectrum)
Dances with Bunny Rabbits
Dungeon of Torgar (Adventure Workshop, The) (ZX Spectrum)
Dungeon of Torgar
Escape from Prison Planet (Adventure Workshop, The) (ZX Spectrum)
Escape from Prison Planet
Eunuch's Ball, The (Adventure Workshop, The) (ZX Spectrum)
Eunuch's Ball, The
Gerbil Riot of 67 (Adventure Workshop, The) (ZX Spectrum)
Gerbil Riot of 67
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