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Tolkien Games

Fellowship of the Ring
Fellowship of the Ring (Reference Card only) (Addison-Wesley) (IBM PC)
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings (Interplay) (missing box, map, disks)
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings (Enhanced CD-ROM Edition, CD case only) (Interplay)
War in Middle Earth
War in Middle Earth (Sealed) (Melbourne House) (C64)Recently changed/added

Miscellaneous Software

Atari Anniversary Edition
Atari Anniversary Edition (Infogrames) (IBM PC)Recently changed/added
Battle Chess
Battle Chess (Interplay) (C64)Recently changed/added
Beyond Forbidden Forest
Beyond Forbidden Forest (Manual only) (Cosmi) (C64)
Bloodwych (Mirrorsoft) (Atari ST) (missing box and poster)
Bloodwych (Disk only) (Mirrorsoft) (Atari ST)
centipede-manual PDF
Centipede (manual only) (Atari) (Atari 2600)Recently changed/added
Clowns (Commodore) (C64) (missing box)Recently changed/added
Crazy Cars
Crazy Cars (Disk only) (Unknown) (Amiga)
Cricklewood Incident, The
Cricklewood Incident, The (manual only, 2 copies) (Salamander Software)
Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair (manual only) (ReadySoft)
End Zone
End Zone (TRS-80 Software Exchange) (TRS-80)
Faery Tale Adventure
Faery Tale Adventure (MicroIllusions) (missing box and disk)
Fight Night
Fight Night (Accolade) (C64)Recently changed/added
flagcapture-manual PDF
Flag Capture (manual only) (Atari) (Atari 2600)Recently changed/added
football-manual PDF
Football (manual only) (Atari) (Atari 2600)Recently changed/added
frogger-manual PDF
Frogger (manual only) (Parker Brothers) (Atari 2600)Recently changed/added
Galactic Warrior
Galactic Warrior (manual only) (Evryware) (Heathkit/Zenith CP/M)
Galaxian (Atarisoft) (C64) (missing box, manual)Recently changed/added
gorf-manual PDF
Gorf (manual only) (CBS) (Atari 2600)Recently changed/added
homerun-manual PDF
Home Run (manual only) (Atari) (Atari 2600)Recently changed/added
Houdini Escape/Brig Battle/Enchanted Forest
Houdini Escape/Brig Battle/Enchanted Forest (Manual only) (Unknown)
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