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I was really hoping it would not come to this. But unfortunately it has. It's gotten to the point that eBay is literally brimming with punks charging ridiculous amounts of postage, and selling damaged goods or very poorly described items. I'm tired of spending my hard-earned money only to find half the game is missing, or went through the wash a few times even! It is the sellers responsibility to describe any major faults or abnormalities with an item either with words or pictures, and its time people start taking some responsibility for their poor listings. So to do my part, following is a list of eBay user ids whom I suggest you avoid at all costs. I have dealt with them all directly. They are all guilty of one offense or another, the most common being a) overcharging more than $2 on postage (yes, any more than that is absurd), b) failing to mention damaged or missing parts of an item (and not subsequently refunding once confronted) or c) not paying for an item (as a buyer) without a good excuse.

If you have had dealings with these people and can attest to their goodness of character, perhaps I will remove them from this list. If you have someone for me to add to the list, send me a note too. If you are one of the people on this list, you are evil - change your ways now, before the Balrogs and Troglodytes come to take you away!

Without further adue, the eBay blacklist: