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Hint Book Anthologies

Adventurer's Notebook, The by Mike Gerrard
BBC Micro Adventurer, The by Bob Chappell
Book of Adventure Games II, The - Plain Blue Cover
From Apshai to Zork? - ISBN 0671542869
Games Computers Play by Reid Green

Hint Books

Alternate Reality: The Dungeon Survival Guide (16-bit)
Codename: Iceman hint book
Dagger of Amon Ra hint book
Dream Zone (Map)

Four Crystals of Trazere hint book
Ishar hint book
Ishar 3 hint book
King's Quest I hint book
Leisure Suit Larry I hint book
Les Manley: Lost in L.A. hint book
Loom hint book
Police Quest II hint book
Space Quest I hint book
Superhero League of Hoboken hint book