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Thanks to a generous donation, the museum now houses a near complete set of Sierra Newsletters/News Magazines (and a few issues of the follow up InterAction magazine). Also included were a large number of Questbusters' Adventure Express leaflets and Questbusters issue #107, which was in fact missing until now! So we now truly have a complete set of Questbusters issues.


Updates have slowed down significantly but certainly not stopped. Good deals have gotten harder and harder to come by but we'll continue to grow the museum collection as items come our way.


This is the first big update in some time. Lots of great new titles have been added, so be sure to check out our recent acquisitions!


This is a big update - all cassette tape inlays have been scanned into PDFs. This concludes our pass through the collections, and now every item that is more than a single page has been scanned into PDF form. Boxes and single pages remain as JPG images. Enjoy!


With this update, the scanning of all large books in the collection is finally complete. About a half dozen books published in the last 15 years, as well as some pocketbooks which came together with certain games, have not been scanned but everything else is now available in PDF form. All that remains now of our scanning backfilling is the cassette inlays, mostly of UK 8-bit releases. These will be added over the next few weeks after which we can finally declare an end to the backfilling project!

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