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With this update, the scanning of all large books in the collection is finally complete. About a half dozen books published in the last 15 years, as well as some pocketbooks which came together with certain games, have not been scanned but everything else is now available in PDF form. All that remains now of our scanning backfilling is the cassette inlays, mostly of UK 8-bit releases. These will be added over the next few weeks after which we can finally declare an end to the backfilling project!


We have performed our first audit of the collection. What does that mean? We've gone through nearly every item on the web site, and compared it to the physical item in the collection, to ensure all items have been scanned or photographed and the contents of each game are accurately represented in the website. At the same time, all reference cards and booklets that were 2 or more pages have been scanned to PDFs, instead of being displayed as separate JPG images as they were in the past. The only notable exception are the cassette cased game, which will be done in a separate pass. In total about 1200 PDFs have been added in this update!


This will be the last update of the year. Happy holidays and may the new year bring you many more vintage games!


Several unusual items have been added with this latest update including a couple rare TRS-80 adventures: Naked Nightmare and Castle Myrhavell. Also 10 issues of the Enchanted Realms journal have found their home here (full PDFs coming soon). And much more. Use the search box or click the Recent Acquisitions link to browse through them.


After some delay, scanning is back in full swing, with about two dozen large books to go. After that, essentially all game-related material in the museum will have been completely digitized. Note we have also significantly trimmed down the Programming books section, removing books that had little or nothing to do with computer gaming history.

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