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With today's update, along with more new and interesting finds, we also must sadly remove the Castle Akalabeth and Japanese Mystery House that were obtained recently from the exposed forger, Enrico Ricciardi. I won't go into more detail here as others have already covered the news in much greater details than I ever could, and it is thanks to their detective work that these fakes have been identified. It saddens me that from now on I will probably need to question every rare or semi-rare game the museum acquires, and makes me wonder if perhaps any of the other items already in the museum are high quality forgeries as well.

Luckily the forged items do not hold up to scrutiny under a hi-resolution scanner, so at least some of the rarest items in the collections can be authenticated still.


A big update this time includes some new Mysterious Adventures versions from Acorn Software, a Bilingual Classic Adventure, and the elusive Castle version of Akalabeth, among other treasures.


It has been a while since the last update, but we have not been completely dormant. We have got lots of new rare titles added so be sure to have a browse again through the museum. Among the rarest newest acquisitions are: Fraktured Faebles from American Eagle, the Japanese release of Infocom's Moonmist, Bronze Dragon from Commonwealth Software and several titles from the obscure Crystal Microsoft and Vextrom Software, plus much much more. Enjoy.


Thanks to a generous donation, the museum now houses a near complete set of Sierra Newsletters/News Magazines (and a few issues of the follow up InterAction magazine). Also included were a large number of Questbusters' Adventure Express leaflets and Questbusters issue #107, which was in fact missing until now! So we now truly have a complete set of Questbusters issues.


Updates have slowed down significantly but certainly not stopped. Good deals have gotten harder and harder to come by but we'll continue to grow the museum collection as items come our way.

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