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Manual scanning continues with the current focus on completing the Sierra wing, and the collection continues to grow. Recent additions of note include some Crystalware and Topologika titles, a rare Evryware release of Interactive Fiction for Heathkit/Zenith and some Molimerx editions of Mysterious Adventures. Also Sorcellerie, the French version of Wizardry, and Neverwinter Nights 2.0 from SSI. Have a look around and see the sights for yourself!


We are pleased to open a new section of the museum today, honoring Zenobi Software, thanks to a rather large donation. A little known company in the western world, however Zenobi is in fact perhaps the largest publisher of computer adventure games in history, with a count of nearly 300 games to their name! We now have on display instruction sheets and/or hint sheets for over 200 of their titles, most of which were written by individuals and submitted by mail to Zenobi to be considered for publication. Their games were available only by mail-order in the UK - initially for Spectrum computers, but later for Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC as well - making them some of the hardest to find these days. Enjoy.


Recently added PDFs include most of the Rainbird/Level 9, Acornsoft, Legend, and Penguin galleries, as well as the SSI catalogs, and SSI and Ultima reference cards. A significant chunk of the collection has been scanned at this point, after roughly one year of scanning.

Did you know you can search inside PDFs from the Advanced Search page? Just click the link below the main search box to get there. Ever wonder which games have goblins? Now it's just a simple search away.


This little area will be dedicated to reporting recent updates to the museum and various other news of interest to visitors. Welcome to the museum, we hope you enjoy your visit!

As you may have noticed, over the past year we have been adding PDFs of various game manuals, clue books, and so on. The contents are completely text-searchable using the Advanced Search page. The goal is to eventually get every manual and multi-page document (excluding books and magazines) scanned and preserved, as good-quality 300dpi scans. Obviously we are focusing on the more interesting and popular items first. With disk these days so cheap, and also much better bandwidth available than ever before, this is finally a possiblity. To date over 800 PDFs have been made covering over 700 games and items. This includes almost all items from: Acornsoft, Avalon Hill, Adventure International, early Epyx titles, the entire Infocom line, the Ultima series, the complete Questbusters Journal, Radio Shack, most Sierra titles, the Wizardry series, Telarium, SSI including catalogs, the near-complete New Zork Times/Status Line newsletter, plus dozens of other games. We will post updates here as other significant chunks of titles are added.

That said, there is no real particular priority, so if you are just dying to see your favorite item scanned, feel free to Contact Us and let us know, and we'll put the item in the queue. Lastly, if you'd like to help support the museum, we welcome donations of any items on the Wanted list - we will even pay for them, so be sure to check it out and Contact Us if you have anything to offer. Alternatively, buy something from the Shop and help fund future museum purchases!

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